We incarnate in this life in a body, and we leave this planet when we leave this body. Our body is not only the vehicle for the Spirit; it is the Spirit inside the matter! If we avoid living in our body then we avoid connecting with the Spirit in our current incarnation!
This New Moon opens a Gate inside us that leads us to a better connection to our body. The Universe will offer us abundantly the energy that we need to manifest our dreams; it depends on us to use this energy for our spiritual growth or our Ego growth! It depends on us to let our Shadow or our Light use it!

The ceremony of New Moon:
Sit facing East, place your hands in a prayer position, and bow to the New Moon that is there even though you cannot see it.
Imagine that what is there and you cannot see is your shadow! It is everything that you hide from yourself and others, all good and bad inside of you.
Take an apple or any other fruit with a round shape and cut it in two. Name one side the dark and the other one the light. Mix them up and eat them without knowing which side you eat each time. After you finish eating, close your eyes and feel how these two sides become one inside of you.
Embrace the shadow the same way you embrace your light and ask the Moon to help you see whatever you are ready to see in the current moment of your life.
Before you sleep, place your left hand on your heart and ask the Divine to take the lead of this new energy arriving on planet earth. Feel that your Ego is letting go of control and giving everything to your inner God/Goddess. Sleep well!