Each year I feel the call to work focusing in a specific path.

I love creating different projects according to the needs of humanity in the specific period of time.

2020 is a year that tends to focus on



2020 is going to be a very positive year for those who have made a deep transformation on 2019 and now can just collect the fruits. All others, that probably are “stuck” in their old patterns is good to make the step at least till March. The energy that follows is going to be incredibly powerful for any kind of construction, expansion and creativity. If you still are vibrating in low vibrations in different sectors of your life (maybe in your relationship, work, family, friends, etc) the energy will push you even lower so that you can finally do the step. That would be an uncomfortable and quite painful way to change your life. Try to do it till March!


Even though abundance refers to many aspects of our life in 2020 I will focus mainly on abundance of money! Money is energy! The energy of money can flow or not flow in our life depending on:

  • The subconscious level of self-worth you have
  • The state of mainly your first and then second chakra
  • People that surround you and might absorb your energy


“When it comes to money the most important thing is not the quantity but the quality”!

If you would like to work on these two sectors of life email me to send you the information of my seminars on 2020 or you can invite me to your country and organize a workshop there according the needs of the people.