All planet has being under a huge transformation and awakening. With the crisis of the Virus we lived and still living a “bridge” that is taking us to a new reality.

The new vibration leads us in a new life, a life where the main brain in our body is not the mind but the heart!

What is happening for some people is a disaster and a blessing for others. The ones who were already living in the Heart can now follow the change without any “contradiction”. The ones who are still living in their Ego- mind are having a difficult time.

I personally see it like a blessing and i am amazed with the perfect intelligence of the Greater Consciousness that is now creating an important field of inner transformation for us…

To cut it short, there are two main vibrations on the planet: one is the high vibration, where all planet is now vibrating and is asking us to follow it and the old vibration that is fighting, as hard as possible, to stay alive.

The people who stay in the old vibration are the ones who cannot stand the new vibe due to the resistance of their Ego. Some of them are suffering from fear and panic and others (especially the ones whose heart chakra is totally closed) even die.

The ones who have decided to let the Ego die and the Spirit win, will start experiencing moments of absolute bliss, nirvana and waves of Unconditional Love!

What an amazing moment to live on this planet!

Categories: Spirit and human