A powerful healing of 5 sessions that can totally change all sectors of your life!

Women’s body is blessed by a huge gift that only few women are really aware of. This gift is her Menstrual Cycle!

You will learn all the secrets of the 4 phases of the Menstrual cycle and how you can take advantage of them!

An extremely valuable information that it should be taught in our first classes of school or at least an information that should pass from our ancestors to us.

A woman is cyclic and not lineal! that means that she is following the chemical and homonological procedure happening in her cycle and not her mind.

When a woman learns how to use the phases of her cycle she can definitely create a better quality of life for her and also for others!

1st session:

  • How the cycle is divided in 4 phases and what is their connection to different hormones that are released in each phase
  • What are the characteristics of each phase and how we can use them for our benefit
  • What is the influence of the Moon cycle and how to reconnect with it

I love using the Archetypal figures of Greek Goddesses to represent the phases, such as: ARTEMIS-AFRODITE-HECATE AND GAIA

In a series of 4 sessions you will enter in a powerful journey of healing those Archetypes.

Goddess ARTEMIS (7th to 14th day):

  • Mission in this life
  • Discipline versus self-demanding
  • Goals and strategy of life
  • Healthy use of masculine energy (concentration, direction, action, presence, etc)

Goddess AFRODITE (14th to 21st day):

  • Connection to money and abundance
  • Femininity and how it is being expressed
  • Giving birth to a baby or projects (archetype of the mother)
  • Natural beauty

Goddess HECATE (21st to 28th day):

  • See the truth and not what you try to convince yourself in order not to go out of your comfort zone
  • Set up clear boundaries and say NO whenever is needed and YES also whenever is needed
  • Valuable tools of a clear and honest introspection
  • Courage to make changes even though are against society, family, religion, etc

Goddess Gaia (1st to 7th day):

  • Reconnect to the Earth
  • Why a woman can be the “doctor” of her body
  • Transformation through death and rebirth
  • The therapeutic power of the menstrual blood

Many women of today are not in touch with those phases. They almost feel each phase the same due to the fact that they are more connected to their masculine side than their feminine body.

If you happen to encarnate in this life in a feminine body and you still have a cycle, it is a pleasure to dive deeply inside and start knowing all those beautiful Goddesses that you can are!

Before or after this healing process is good to attend the workshop “Woman” the secrets of the Menstrual Cycle  or a Cacao Ceremony with the same subject.

If you are interested in the journey you will need to gather information regarding your family tree, the way you were born and the 9 months inside your mother’s belly.


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