The first step, in order to serve the Divine, is to realize that You are the Divine.

You are not going to serve someone “outside” of you but your inner Creator, who only wants to love and spread this love in all of His/Her creations!

I will share with you some exercises that can help you get in touch with the presence of your inner Divine:

  • Close your eyes, breathe deep and imagine that the One who breathes is not you but your inner God/Goddess. 
  • Place your both hands on the heart (that is one of the Temples of your Higher Self) and feel the love that resides there for you.
  • Dedicate a sacred dance (the way you want and the music you choose) to your Divinity!

Try to do the above as much as possible during t
he day (except the Dance that you can do it only ones)

and before you go to sleep light on a candle, close your eyes and repeat these beautiful words:

“I love the way you treat me, I am grateful and honored to be able to serve such a beautiful God (if you are a man) Goddess (if you are a woman)”


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