There are times in our life that we feel unclarity regarding different sectors. As if a cloud or a mist would cover what is happening around us and we cannot see or even feel clearly.
This can happen in our personal life but also in everything that is happening globally.
This meditation will help you step in your guts and check what lies behind the “mist”!
Find a comfortable place and close your eyes. Choose a theme that you would like to see the truth. Take an imaginary elevator with yourself inside from your third eye and go downwards. Pass from the throat, the heart, and stop the elevator in your third chakra. Go outside to a landscape where it will start raining or snowing. Let the rain/snow clean your different bodies and when the cleansing finishes a white screen appears in front of you.
Look at the screen, it will show you the truth most probably in form of a movie.
When you finish just open your eyes and continue your day.

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