There are many ways to change this world. Changing the way we raise our children, changing our relationship with ourselves, speaking and living our truth, honoring mother earth, and more.

One of the most effective ways to make a positive change in this world is more Conscious Relationships!

And how can we create more Conscious Relationships?

Men and Women need to understand that they are totally different! Of course, they have the same rights and are equal, but at the same time, they are two totally different representations of the Divine.
When Men start being more interested in knowing who women are and vise versa, relationships will take a different meaning.

A relationship can be a powerful and healthy source of energy, creativity, a way to support the individual journey, and learn how to love.

This to happen; we need to start from the beginning! The beginning is realizing that we know nothing about the other gender and start learning it!

Women and Men are feminine and masculine from the inside. The difference is that naturally, women are more connected to their femininity and men to their masculinity.

A brief demonstration of these two worlds is:


They are beings who think very simple and clear. They set up goals and go towards the goal without letting anything take them out of their concentration. Their mind works in a clear structure, like boxes. Their logic and thinking are essential to understand whatever is happening around them. They love providing and finding solutions.


They are beings who put their feelings more than their thoughts. They try to communicate not according to what they think but according to what they feel, which can change at any moment! Their mind works like a soup where everything is connected! Their intuition is fundamental when they have to make decisions. They do not care about their goals, but they need to enjoy the journey of life!

Of course, we have women with more activated their masculinity and men their femininity. I am stating above both genders’ natural state when they are more connected to their primordial energy. 

In this article, I am trying to place in two paragraphs, something that could easily be the content of a book!

Some steps about how to achieve a better relationship between a man and a woman are:

First step: stop believing that we are the same and have the same communication methods! 

Second step: learn who the other is and accept him/her without changing him/her. Learn the archetypes of her cycle and lern the archetypes of his cycle.

Third step: Dance in this polarity and expand the love that can blossom out of it!

Deepening in UNDERSTANDING and in LOVE with our partner can be one more way to change this world together! Creating a healthy Egg that vibrates in high vibrations can expand its love all around and teach others that true love exists!

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