This New Moon’s energy is like thunder striking your pineal gland and helping you go out of the state of Sleeping Beauty into the state of Illumination!

From the spring equinox and on, we constantly receive huge amounts of energy from the universe and the heart of our beautiful earth.
This energy can help you open your chakras, activate your kundalini, and surrender to your inner Divine!

What an honor to live these moments on this planet! Moments of universal changes that can make our ego turn into pieces and surrender to the power of love!

The ceremony:
Light a candle and sit in front of the candle, facing east. Breathe from the nose and inhale all the light of the flame. Visualize that the light penetrates your pineal gland and purifies it. In the exhalation no need to think of anything.
Stay there for around eight inhalations, and in your last exhalation, blow the candle.
After that, put on some music and dance, dance without control, let the music guide you and lose yourself in the melody.
In the end, look at yourself in the mirror. Look behind your eyes and find God or Goddess in them!

Categories: Meditations & Rituals