Full moon of April! DEATH AND REBIRTH!!!!!

This Tuesday, 27th of April 2021, we are crossing a gate of a profound transformation!
A transformation is always a combination of DEATH and REBIRTH!

DEATH: The ability to let go of anything that is no longer serving us. Sometimes this can be easy and pleasurable or extremely difficult and painful! Nevertheless, something essential to know about death in life is that we always have the courage and power to achieve it! We only need to give permission to happen!

REBIRTH: Letting life penetrate us after our total “let go!” Sometimes we get stuck in death without permitting a new beginning afterward; this face can become a depression or a stagnating state of being

The ceremony of the day (27th of April):
Light a pink candle or two candles (one red and one white) and sit in front of it, in a meditative posture.
Let the pink color penetrate your heart with each breath (if you are working with two candles, visualize that they become one candle of pink color). Stay there for a couple of minutes and then blow the candle (or candles).
Stand up and visualize in front of you a Gate. Let your imagination create the kind of gate that belongs to your path (it can be wooden, from iron, or any material your heart desires).
Say out loud the words “I am” and look at the gate opening! On the other side, you find a path full of trees, plants and animals that leads to the Moon. Imagine that you start walking this path, you reach the Moon, and you step inside it with lots of respect!
Stay inside the Moon for at least a minute and then turn left-wise and go. Your experience inside the Moon will be your personal experience of Transformation, of your death and rebirth!
Enjoy it!

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