Difference between Religion and spirituality

Religion is a path that structures spirituality and adds to it specific rules, programs and beliefs.

Spirituality is a path that helps us reconnect to the Spirit inside and outside of us without any rules, programs, or beliefs. 

Most religions have a hidden agenda: to control people by separating them from the Spirit! It is, of course, very ironic and contradictory that the teachings of most religions are aiming to bring us closer to God, but this is the trap. If you try to get someone closer to someone else, you start from the point that there is a division between them. The biggest crime of almost all religions is that they separated Humans from God. 

They placed God somewhere in the Sky, usually in a masculine form, and gave Him attributes such as judgment and punishment. 

Most religions are built on top of programs that use the fear of God to control people, especially in three sectors of their lives: sexuality, creating realities and abundance!

Sexuality: When our sexual energy (kundalini) rises and activates our pineal gland, our heart chakra opens widely, and we enter in the vibration of Unconditional love. In that vibration, there is no distinction between humans and God! We can feel with all our being that we are Gods and Goddesses in a human’s body. No one can control us in that state, and we do not need a religion to bring us closer or separate us from God!

Creating realities: We are all the Creators of our realities consciously and especially subconsciously. The problem begins when we deeply believe that we are not. If we worship a God or a Goddess, a prophet, or a book outside of us, we place the Creator somewhere outside. 

Making money of high vibration: Money is the energy of mother earth in a material form. To be open to receive that energy, we need to be connected to the Planet and have a healthy first chakra. Our first and second chakra is very well connected to the flow of sexuality in our bodies. If our sexual energy is suppressed, then there is no sufficient flow to manifest abundance in our lives. 

When I speak about Religion, I am not referring to all those Prophets who incarnated on this Planet to help us raise our consciousness. But how a group of people who totally misunderstood their teachings took advantage of them and created their own, quite perverted versions. 

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