We so many times misunderstand love with something else.
In this article, I will talk about how this misunderstanding can affect our energetic bodies.

As I have mentioned in previous articles, our energy follows programs, beliefs and patterns stored in our subconscious. If, for example, I have a subconscious belief that in order to be accepted by others, I need always to say yes and do as they say, this is what my energy will follow.
Even in situations that I will finally do nothing, my energetic body, in order to satisfy that belief, will finally do something. It will usually give plenty of energy or evolve energetically to what the others want me to do so that the inner child feels safe and accepted.

In a few words, our energetic body misunderstands the phrase I love you with the terms: I need to save you, I need to cleanse you from your entities, take as much energy from me as you wish, I give you my energy even though that might affect my health or my abundance and more.

The main reasons this is happening are the patterns and meanings of love that our family, society, and religion gave us.
If for your family loving someone meant helping someone or feeling pity for someone, this is what your inner child has adopted and is doing the best he/she can to fulfill it through the energetic body.

The problem appears when we, as adults, leave our inner child to guide our lives, something that most of us do without realizing it.
Then we live in contrast between the world we see and the energetic world that we do not see but is real and exists.

Sometimes these two worlds are totally opposite.

For example, imagine a woman who is independent and strong, with quite feminist beliefs about all genders having equal rights and opportunities, creating a relationship with a man in the same vibe. This is the world that she can see.
At the same time, imagine the same woman coming from a family tree where the feminine has been suppressed under patriarchal ideas and programs. If this woman is not aware of those programs or has not done any work with her inner child, she will probably follow those programs in the energetic world by trying to serve the masculine in a very unhealthy way.
This example is something very common today. Many women consciously follow equality, but their energetic body is still stuck in the old paradigm!

Love has nothing to do with all that! Love is a vibration. It is not an action; it is not something you do, you give or you take. It is a state of being where there is no exchange of unhealthy energy with others but only with the earth and the universe.

When you are in the state of love (I am not talking in the form of falling in love but in the vibration of unconditional love), you feel complete. You can then totally accept the others as they are without trying to manipulate or change them energetically. At the same time, you have the boundaries needed not to let others do that to you.

Love, in the beginning, feels strange…

It feels like being inside a warm pink sphere connected to the heart chakra and has very clear boundaries!
No one can access that sphere, and the sphere cannot penetrate anyone else. You feel happy and whole on your own, enjoying a beautiful journey with other beings feeling the same way inside their own sphere!

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