We start with a free online class on the the 13th of October at 20.00 Greece time

Men and women have been trying for many years to find the best way to communicate without results. 

Our society’s structure and programming make them live a life of competition, power games, and distortion instead of a life of peace and love.

We are made to love, respect and cherish each other, not the contrary. When we finally find a way to get together with understanding, curiosity, openness, and love, we can change ourselves and, therefore, the world. 

The “Meeting in the Heart” is a tantra journey of 10 classes for men and women, where we will heal our inner masculine and feminine and merge both energies in our hearts. 

When our inner couple (man and woman) lives in bliss and love, deep inside our hearts, our hearts are ready to open and share this love with everyone outside us! 

We will drop all the unhealthy patterns between us and the opposite gender, embrace the freedom of our sexual expression without taboos and fears, and slowly create a new way of intimate connection. 

We will learn the differences between men and women as well as the similarities

We will find the courage and the self-esteem needed to open ourselves to the other

We will heal our chakra system and we will celebrate the love between us!

For bookings and information: agapiapostolopoulou@gmail.com


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