We start with a free online class on the 5th of October at 20.00 Greece time

For bookings: agapiapostolopoulou@gmail.com

Women are such sensational beings! Their body is made to seek pleasure in everything they do, and their mind is made to follow the body humbly.

A woman who lives her great feminine nature without letting the patriarchy influence her, lives a life according to her natural cycle and according to the Will of the Goddess! Inside her nature, she can rest in the arms of the Divine and embrace her awakened state of being!

The path of awakening for women is happening in the body and not in the mind! All her body senses are gates that can lead her to Illumination and her ultimate connection with God-Goddess.
The only thing she needs to do is accept her nature and let go of anything that makes her live inside her mind’s boxes and not inside the fire of her Divine existence!

“The Journey” is a series of 13 tantra classes where we will go deep into the archetypes of the Priestess, the sacred Prostitute, the Witch and the Medicine Woman.

Every Tuesday online from 20.00 to 21.30 Greece time!

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