Each decision we make needs to come out from a specific “department” of ourselves…!

If, for example, we have to make a business decision, then it is good to ask the department of the mind and take the decision from there.
If we have to decide about relationships, then it is good to ask the heart department, and so on.

Whenever we decide from the wrong “department,” we create confusion and doubt about our decision.

I know people, for example, who decide what to do in their relationships from their mind or what to do in business from their heart.
This creates emotions such as anger, sadness, and a feeling of disconnection from the Self.

A very important field that is essential to decide from the “correct” space is anything that involves the body.
What we eat, what we put on our skin, and whatever we decide to take in. Our body is the vehicle of our soul and the soul, the vehicle of our Spirit.
If we pollute the body by making the wrong decision, the whole chain will be affected!

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