This full Moon opens the gate of the Akashic records and allows you to make changes in your future. It is a very special full moon combined with a more special eclipse and a beautiful dance with other planets!

This ceremony will help you upgrade yourself into a better one, closer to your Spirit and to your mission in this life!

Ceremony for this full Moon:
Light a candle, face east and sit in a meditative position. Close your eyes and visualize that the full Moon is in front of you. Imagine you enter the Moon and it surrounds you with all its light. Then in the middle of the Moon, a lotus flower appears, which penetrates your body from the genitals until the throat. The flower starts spinning anticlockwise, creating the transformation you need in the specific moment of your life. Stay there for about a minute and visualize how the Moon (with the flower) moves towards your back, goes out of your field, becomes a tiny ball and enters the Earth.
After that, you visualize a path appears in front of you and you start walking. At the end of the path, you find the same lotus flower again, but this time penetrates your whole body until your third eye. It speeds again anticlockwise three times and then it disappears in your heart.

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