From the Sacred Womb to the Divine Heart

“When the Divine Feminine meets the Power of Love, inside a woman’s body, the Essence of the Goddess comes back. It re-activates all sources of creation so that She can create the reality of Her Sacred Dreams.”

It is a workshop for women who feel the call of the creation of a New Self that is not afraid to shine, love, create and exist!
Do not be surprised if in two days you  surrender to the Sweet Power of Love and the Power of Creation of your external reality!

What is about:
We will experience a process of reconnection to our True – divine nature, True power and True self by activating the chakra of the heart “Anahata” and connecting it to the chakra of the womb “Svadisthana”
The womb is the sacred Temple of a woman’s body where the magic of creation resides and the heart is the sacred Temple in a woman’s body where the magic of love blossoms and exists.
When these two Temples connect, through an invisible, but existing path, we enter in our wholeness, our magic self, our ability to create realities the way we wish and our ability to destroy and build anything that our Higher Self wants.

The workshop is divided in two parts:

First part: A journey through the first 4 chakras
Starting from the first chakra we will reconnect with the earth, feeling our stability, security and aliveness again.

“The beauty and sacredness of a woman is hidden deep inside her connection with the ability to absorb all the nectar and love of Mother Earth. When this ability dies the woman is no longer a woman, but a human being inside a woman’s body, that just follows the system.”

We will continue towards our Sacred Temple of the Womb, where our creative capacity resides and we will release any blockages that do not let us be the “Queens” of our lives!

We will open the path towards the Strength of our inner Sun that resides in our Third chakra and we will finally meet our true Essence in the Temple of our Heart where the celebration of “Creativity and Love” can take place!

Second part: Ceremony and Celebration
We will reactivate the path between Svadisthana (second chakra) and Anahata (fourth chakra) by taking part in a sacred ancient ceremony, guided by the wisdom of Mother Earth and Father Sun.
It is a Sacred Ceremony that I channeled directly from Mother Earth and I was asked from Her to share it with you.
We will end our ceremony by setting our Intentions for the rest of our lives, by changing whatever does not serve us anymore and by creating a new Reality based on the desires of our Higher Self and not the Expectations of our Ego.
The ceremony can also affect positively the function of our physical body due to the absorption of a sufficient amount of sacred earthy energy, that our body will use in order to re-boost parts that lack vitality and health.
“Let the Goddess take the lead of your life and just relax to her guidance and nurture of love!”
I look forward to spending with you two days full of Love, Freedom, Ecstasy and Bliss!