Sacred path of Chakras

We have In our body various mechanisms that arrange different functions. The main mechanisms are 7 and are called energy centers. The energy centers (chakras) reside in our energy body in places where they are connected to our physical body through important glands.

Most of the spiritual practises unfortunately do not give importance to the “down” chakras and focuses mostly on how to open the third eye and connect with a spiritual God that still lives outside of our physical body. This can be just a copy paste of what many religions till now have established, as the main idea of developing our selves.

Each and one of the chakras is equal important for our healthy mental, physical and emotional state of being!

The journey of self-knowing and self-developing is like building a palace. You first need to structure strong foundation that is the awakening of the first chakra and then continue building upwards by taking care in exactly the same way each floor of the building!