Women’s world

“There are no words to explain the enchantment of the intuition hidden inside of a woman’s womb that springs from every pore of her skin, every look of her eyes, every word of her lips…
There are no words to explain the sacred power that rises from the “vulnerability” of a woman’s Heart when she sits on her “throne” accepting even the darkest part of her self..
There are no words to describe the beauty, hidden in the sense of a woman’s nature based on a cycle of 28 unique and unrepeatable days!”

Our womb is one of the most powerful organs in a woman’s beautiful body.

It is the house of the creation of a human being as well as the creation of ideas, projects, manifestations and magic.

Women who lived in societies around 7.ooo years ago had a totally different function of their bodies than today.

They could absorb mother earth’s energy from their first chakra and use it in order to manifest realities and give birth to whatever they wanted by stimulating the womb.

On the other hand their heart was blossoming and vibrating in deep unconditional love, something that helped them always be in their centre, enjoying the flow of a healthy sacred sexuality, that was the main nurtition of their bodies.

The sexual serpent (kundalini) used to rise till the pineal gland many times per second filling up the bodies with infinite energy-prana.

What is happening now? A woman of today grows up in a patriarchal society where she gets immersed, even before she gets born (inside her mother’s belly), with specific programs that make her believe that she is something less than the man.

Unfortunately those programs are installed inside of us no matter we believe in them consciously or not. We might think that these programs do not belong to us but it is not a matter of what we think but what the unconscious collective stored there for us.

All this unhealthy and totally untrue information makes her womb change and take the form of an energetic sponge trying to clean everything in order to help mother earth to survive.

The way that the womb “cleans” is exactly like a hoover, absorbing anything that needs to be transformed. The problem is that she does not have the energy to transform it, so all this information stays inside of her and influences her thoughts and emotions!