Our life is like a movie. The screen is our reality and the projector is our Self with everything that is carried in this and any other lives. It is impossible to change the screen if you do not change the projector.

My sessions are suitable for the specific change of the projector; all you have to do is to be available to listen with an open mind – heart and honesty!

It is a technique of self-knowing and self-improvement process that can help you discover the real reasons that are influencing the way you create your reality and make the changes you need in order to manifest a better quality of life!

How is a session

In my sessions you come with questions on your mind that you would like to ask your Divine Self through me. In order to answer them I totally turn off the hemisphere of logic and i turn on the hemisphere of intuition. I then connect with your Higher Self and i let Him/Her speak through me, without influencing the information with any kind of beliefs or thoughts.

You are the one who is going to guide the whole session by deciding your questions.

Depending on the question I sometimes enter the Akashic Records in order to channel the answer or I just channel directly through your Divine Self.

Why to have a session

  • It can point the direction in your life according to the decisions of the Spirit and not the personality
  • It can help you cut unhealthy cords with people in your life (family, friends, partners, etc)
  • It can give you valuable information on how to heal your inner child and most of its traumas
  • You can find out what is your mission in life and how to achieve it
  • and a lot more according to your questions

Why is different from other sessions

  • All questions are answered by channeling the answers from your Higher Self, there is no influence from the personality or the beliefs of the channeler
  • You will be given homework in order to achieve your transformation on your own, in this way you feel empowered, without giving your power of your healing to another person but you can have it in your hands
  • Instead of going to different type of therapists in order to find answers you can have all in one since it includes all aspects of life (unless you need something specific that it cannot be done in the session)

The benefits of a session are many:

  • You can find out your purpose in life and enter in a path that is more appropriate for you
  • You can find ways how to change your life (especially how to go out of situations that do not serve you anymore)
  • You can learn what is good for your body and not (for example what kind of food is healthy for you individually and what can be toxic, or what kind of activities your body needs in a specific moment)
  • It can help you heal traumas of your childhood by doing a specific Homework
  • It gives you valuable information about past lives or your family tree that will help you understand your relationship with specific people or some habits that you have
  • It can help you differentiate what your Ego-personality wants and what your Higher Self wants
  • It helps you find solutions in most of your problems and also the main reason where they come from
  • You can receive a specific guidance and steps that can help you change anything that is not good for you

It can help you find inner peace, love, abundance and generally take you where you need to be in your personal self-development process!

What is the procedure

  • Come to the session with questions that you have thought thoroughly before. Asking good questions is vital to having an effective session and asking the right questions will help you get to the bottom of issues and put the right solutions in place.
  • Is good to record the session so that you can listen it whenever you forget the content
  • Avoid dairy 2 days before the session and almost a week after
  • Do not share with anyone the content of your homework and especially the important parts of the session
  • Do the homework! The channeler is there just to channel the information for you, you are the one who will make the transformation happen!

For sessions online

  • Try to make the payment before the session or during 3 days after. It is important in order to complete the energetic exchange.
  • Check if the country you are allows online sessions (some countries do not allow using calls through skype, whatsapp, messenger, etc)

How often to have a session

You can have a session anytime you want. You can use the sessions as a guidance in your life. In this case it is recommended to have a session approximately every 30 – 40 days according to your progress.


Duration: around an hour

Booking: contact the organizer depending the country you are

To book a session online contact me through email: dancingagapi@gmail.com

The opinion of some of my clients:

“I don’t know how Agapi does it. She’s present, she’s lovely, she gets you! I continue to look through my notes almost a year later, and she had absolutely nailed what would be coming up for me with exact dates! These were complex issues I really needed help during transitioning times, and she gave me practical “fun homework” to do to evoke my health, wellbeing, and prepare my body, mind and destiny towards full fulfillment. She helps solve, and can see right through, the most intricate of problems, and give practical advice…not just feel good advice. I love her and her work. Highly recommend her to all.”
Maria Sirrya

“When I work with Agapi, I feel a lot of trust because I know that I am working with someone who is able to set aside personal beliefs and assumptions in order to be fully present and transmit exactly what I need to hear. Agapi is a motivating force and a great guide to those parts of my consciousness that I can’t easily access myself due to resistances I hold. My favorite session with her was the one where she just said: “You are doing great. You don’t need me right now, all you need to do is trust.” Which proves that Agapi is a fearless and clear channel as well as a teacher of freedom. I strongly recommend her work to anyone who wishes for support to figure out the complications of life from a heart perspective.”
Daniel Bernhard

“I have being receiving sessions of Akashic Records with Agapi the last 8 years. The journey I had with her was amazing. Each session goes directly into the point, giving the exact homework I need in the specific moment of my life, in order to be able to move forward into a creation of a better reality. Her channeling combines answers that include all parts of a person, psychological, energetic and physical. This is one of the reason that a session with Agapi is like a combination of psychotherapy – shamanism and physical wellbeing. I just love her!”
Maria Christaki

You can find more about my sessions here