In the course of Tantra we open our hearts without fear, taboos and critisism!

 Sacred Union #1 - from Astral Travel series.

They are focused on couples and individuals who would like to learn how to share their life without losing themselves, without trying to fill the emptiness inside of them, without fulfilling the demands of society…

 When we finally find the wholeness inside of us by totally accepting ourselves is when we are ready to make a relationship based on true unconditional love.

 Most people jump from one relation to another looking forward to find their ¨other half¨ while they cannot realise the fact that their ¨other half¨ resides only inside of them.

 They conform and initiate a relationship without selecting the correct partner because of their terrible lack of self esteem, self worth, self appreciation, self love…

It’s not a seminar that we can magically make you love yourself; it’s a seminar where you will learn to create your own path using appropriate tools in order to reach the Bliss of Unconditional Love as fast as possible.


 “We are searching in each other what we believe that we can not give to ourselves, the unconditional love!
Unfortunately the only thing we manage to do, is to be sickly depended on others thus to call that feeling: love!
True love can not exist without absolute freedom, without complete acceptance of the other and not having the slightest intention to change him or her, to own him or her, to depend on him or her …”