Conscious alternative Dance

Movement is nothing else than one more way for our inner God/Goddess to express His/Her self.

Through specific and conscious movements we can achieve deep and real changes in our inner world.

We can make a quantum loop from the Matrix-normal world to the Earthy-physical world where the real magic can happen and where we can totally create our reality.

This project is a magical journey through the chakras by using improvisational dance, shamanic and systemic methodology, the healing power of hooponopono and three beautiful dances (tango, flamenco and belly dancing) that help us “download” into our body any change made in our mind and soul, with fun and rhythm.
It is an internal journey through dancing that can help us increase our self esteem and self worth. It can also liberate our sexuality and strengthen our communication with our Higher Self as well as the Earth.

Conscious alternative Dance is a way to connect our physical life with our spiritual life or in other words, our body with our soul and our soul with our spirit!

We will combine body movement with psychology, wisdom of chakras, the 4 elements (earth, fire, air, water) and other techniques in order to help us get closer to our Source and open our Heart to our inner Divine Self.

Some of the benefits are:
Healing sexuality and raising libido
Opening to more abundance
Replace rigidness with discipline
Opening the heart
Reconnecting to the Spirit or Divine Self
And more

We will learn how to use dance in order to “dance” our life so that one day we can finally surrender and enjoy life “dancing” with us!