Our life is like a movie. The screen is our reality and the projector is our Self with everything that is carried in this and any other lives. It is impossible to change the screen if you do not change the projector. My sessions are suitable for the specific change of the projector; all you have to do is to be available to ¨listen¨ with an open mind and honesty!

We all hide deep inside of us a beautiful Divine Essence called “Higher Self”, “Divine Presence”, “Spirit”, etc.


Every Higher Self is connected with a Sacred Source that we could call ¨Akasha”, “God” or “Goddess”, “Divine Source” etc. Within this Sacred Source resides any information of our planet, of ourselves and of any other existence that we are aware of.


In all of my sessions I enter in that sacred Space in order to channel the information that could help you make the changes that your Higher Self desires!