Alchemy III




Using the fairytale created by Agapi Apostolopoulou “The fairytale of the Earth” we can create a deep transformation into our fourth and sixth chakra.
“The fairytale of the Earth” consists of figures that reside deep inside our psyche and can help us go back in the beginning of times, a lot before the Patriarchal period started.

It is a fairytale that helps the individual access the source of Life force, deep in the core of each cell and “recall” the primitive way of being. A way that is based on ‘serving’ the Divinity with love and not a structure of authority.

This part of Alchemy seminars is quite successful in creating deep therapeutical results in psychological and physical sicknesses. It can also create a deep transformation in the nuclear of the individual and help in moments of big changes in life.

The journey of Alchemy III focuses on:

  • Reconnecting with the Inner child by accepting and embracing its “negative” part that has being rejected by the society, religion, family, etc
  • Finding the root of any kind of sickness of the body, soul and mind and balancing chakras
  • Understand the role of the “Ego” and use it as a “servant” for the Divine and not the opposite
  • Reconnect with mother Earth and feeling grateful to be Her child