The Menstural Cycle

The Menstural Cycle is a series of workshops, only for women that focuses on helping women to reconnect with their inner Divine, discover the different parts of their menstrual cycle and jump out of the conditionings that the society, religion and family created in them.

It can be experienced as a one day workshop that has a limited access to our inner world, or 4 different workshops where we will have the time to deepen in ourselves and create a better inner transformation.

The way a woman behaves depends a lot on the moment of her menstrual cycle. She can be a totally different person in the moment of her menstruation, the following week, in the moment of the ovulation and before the next menstruation.

Many women do not have the above information and it is difficult for them and for the people that surrounds them to adapt in their diversity of moods.

A small video that shows how women act towards men if they are not aware of their cycle and its diversity!

When a woman finally tunes in her womb power and becomes her natural self, all the stages of the cycle connect with the different stages of the Earth called seasons.