Cacao ceremonies



The cacao has the ability to take people back to their natural way of being, taking them out of their busy-non stopping mind back to their body and heart.

It succesfully melts the “armor” of the heart and let the unconditional love blossom from deep inside and outside.

It awakens our sexual power and reminds us how important is to live a life of bliss and not a stressful life that is based on fulfilling the needs of others more than ourselves. It is a Sacred Teacher that increases our connection to our inner self, opens our heart chakra and allows ecstasy and love to enter our being.

It aids in any transformational shift we are working towards, whether we are looking to deepen our understanding of who we are, release old patterns and traumas, or move into a more self-confident space. In the sacred ceremony we are free to set any intention we want and the cacao allows us to move towards that goal!

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In my cacao gatherings i combine the effect of the plant with introspective exersises, dance, tantra and more (depending on the subject of the seminar) in a way that people can feel comfortable to open their hearts, their minds and their souls and get rid of anything they do not need anymore and it does not serve them in their life.