When a man’s inner healthy woman is absent, he sometimes becomes too masculine, without any contact with his feelings and what his body desires.

He develops a cold and distant personality, living inside his head and avoiding sensibility or expression of emotions.

His Heart is suffering, and he sometimes tries to hide that suffering of the Heart by sleeping with many women and keeping himself ‘busy’!

Then one day might come, that he feels he has dissipated so much energy just because he was afraid to show his beautiful and sensitive Heart.

Sometimes this can also occur if his Heart has been hurt in the past, and he is afraid to risk and ‘jump’ again in a woman’s true hug!

Then he creates fake masculinity that is like a ball full of air and empty inside.


Dear man, 

It is entirely OK to cry, be sensitive, hug yourself, and dance!

You do not need to get obsessed with trying to show a hard self that has no emotions, or visit constantly the gym to puff up your body and boost up that fake masculinity!

Women love when you care about your body, you exercise so that they can feel your strong arms when you hug them, but please do not overdo it!

 The most important thing for a woman it is not the size of your muscles (any muscle) but the strength of your presence so that she can finally relax and let go, knowing that you are there to hold her when this happens!

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