Our Divine Part does not have any expectations because there is no one there to expect something from…there is only creation of whatever He/She wishes.
It is quite difficult for our Ego not to expect or not to hope things to come the way that he/she wants, because the fear of not controlling is huge! Our Ego is in a constant effort of trying to create our reality in the wrong way…
Some exercises that can help you abandon any expectation are:

  • Observe what your Ego wishes and ask why? Why does it want things to happen in that specific way? what is the real benefit behind or what kind of trauma or belief is feeding the specific expectation?
  • Whenever you have some free time and there is someone at home that can help you in this exercise (or you can do it alone if you know your house we
    ll) try to make some steps with closed eyes. Feel how it is to advance in life without really know where you are going and try even to find some fun on it.
  • Have faith that there is Something a lot bigger that your Ego-personality that definitely knows what is really best for you and the way that this “best” has to come to your life and try to flow!


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