Going back ‘:Home”!

Where is Home?
Most of the people on this earth, in this period of time are living a “normal” life. The word normal comes from the latin word normas, that means rules. They follow the rules that their family, school, society, religion induced them. The way that a human being needs to live in order to be at “Home” is a “natural”life, that means a life following his/her nature.

Each person’s nature is the part that is closer to his/her inner Divinity, the part of God that resides inside of everyone without any external influence.
In order to access that part we need to “clean”ourselves
from any information that does not longer serve us in our self development path.
The Akasha is a dimension where our inner God resides. In our Bodies is situated in the chakra of the Heart.

The most efficient way to reach the Gates of the Akasha is by:
Accessing the gates of the sensations of the body
Honoring the inner creator
Opening the Heart
Letting go control and giving the leads to your Divine Self
Deleting all beliefs, expectations and releasing emotional stagnations
Activating more the right part of the brain
Healing the inner child
Accepting the power of your inner God/Goddess

Following the path of Tantra, that helps us lose ourselves in the magic feeling of the sensations, healing the inner child that helps us go closer to the spirit, purifying past lives and realizing that the Creator resides inside, leads us to the magnificente space of the Akasha.

A space of emptiness where you can find inner connection with your Real Self, where you can let yourself be held by the Nothingness and also be nourished by the Wholeness!

In this workshop we will learn how to access the Akashic Records using the sacred power of our heart, our sexuality, the innocence of our inner child and the power of the Intention.
If the heart is armored, our inner child locked in a cage, our sexuality num and our consciousness absent no connection with the Divine is possible.
It will be a first approach and contact with the Akasha, after that you will need to practice on your own in order to maintain your vibration high and even higher!

It is a combination of theoretical and experiential process, that Akasha will share with you, by using me as a vehicle of expression.

It is important to mention that the Akashic Records do not follow any religion, any dogma or any believe. They are independent.

The passage in Akashic Records is possible by everyone!

Being able to have access to the Akashic Records is one of the best gifts, given to the majority of humanity the last years, in order to help our spiritual evolution and the discovery of true love.

The seminar includes exercises of self-knowledge, improvisation, dance, expressional movement, initiation in Akashic Records and much more.

Look forward to sharing this beautiful experience with you!