Using the archetypical figures of Lakshmi, Saraswati and Kali we can access in different aspects of the individual’s subconscious and achieve a deep transformation in all levels.

Lakshmi represents the ability to “receive” in life. Unfortunately most people do not feel worthy enough, in order to create a sufficiently prosperous life. Most of them hide deep in their subconscious mind beliefs, traumatic experiences and programs that do not vibrate with the level of Self – worth that their inner Divinity does and is requirable in order to create a better reality.

Saraswati represents the purpose and mission in life. Is the archetype that hides the inner gifts, talents and strengths that a person carries in his/her psyche in order to accomplish the sacred mission in each life and dimension

Kali represents the part of the Self that knows how to “see” behind the superficial world. Kali does not afraid to be disappointed by the “negative” or “not accepted” part of the Self and of the others. Kali “sees” everything and can love everything because She knows that everything is Divine.
Another important aspect of this archetype is setting limits and boundaries!

The journey of this part is focused on:

  • Reconnecting with the Inner child by accepting and embracing its “negative” part that has being rejected by the society, religion, family, etc
  • Increasing the ability of receiving, something that can influence directly the amount of abundance that the individual is able to accept (healing the lack of self-worth)
  • Setting clear boundaries (know when to say NO and YES)
  • Finding mission and purpose in life

In this part if there is sufficient time we can also deepen in our inner Shiva and Shakti and achieve the “Ieros Gamos” (a sacred wedding between the inner Masculine and Feminine)