Dancing with the Gods is a seminar designed to help you discover the different archetypes within you through a tantric and shamanic path.

What characterizes a person is Divinity, the piece that never dies, as well as the personality. Personality is a combination of archetypes through which Divinity can be expressed. Depending on the experiences of life, some of these archetypes get distorted and others overused.

What is the seminar about:

In this seminar we will investigate if we can embody all Gods and Goddesses of Greek mythology and if not what are the obstacles that prevent us to do so.


-You will discover the basic archetypes of the woman’s cycle as well as the basic archetypes of the man’s cycle and how these two can coexist.
-You will also reconnect to archetypes that were probably healthy inside of you when you were children but for a reason they got blocked
-You will detoxify your body from emotions that you carry inside of you and do not let you live in happiness
-You will open the way of Kundalini to help you expand your consciousness as well as open your heart and anything else that the Spirit decides!

In a warm, responsible, conscious and affectionate environment you will be able to explore your nature beyond what the family, society and religion have taught you. You will realize that all Gods and Goddesses are inside of you but you probably never had the opportunity to meet them all!

For many, tantra relates only to sexuality, but this is a very misunderstood interpretation.
Through tantric meditations we get in touch with our Spirit deep inside our body, by using breath, movement and sound, as well as accessing the senses as the main sacred Gates of our Temple-Body.

Another misunderstood concept is the concept of shamanism. Many believe that shamanism is associated with dark powers that can manipulate us and lead us away from our Light.
The essence of shamanism is that in order to know your true Self you must first embrace everything that is hidden in your darkness, finding the courage to embrace your inner child as it is, with all the positive and negative parts.

In my shamanic path, my primary source of energy and my main teacher has being Mother Earth.

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