Using the myth of Adam and Eve, the symbolism of the serpent, the apple, the paradise and the Masculine God we can deepen into the programming of our subconsciousness and touch spaces and beliefs that influence our way of thinking, acting, feeling and generally being.

We can return to our inner nature of being children of the Earth, increase our intuition and our conection with anything that comes out of the Earth.

The most important goal of this seminar is each person to recover the state of being a child, innocent, happy and always linving in the present moment!


This journey focuses on:

  • Reconnecting with the Inner child by accepting and embracing its “negative” part that has being rejected by the society, religion, family, etc
    Recognizing the physical body as the “Heaven” of the soul, trying to find Divinity in ourselves instead of a place outside of us
  • Increasing the intuition that comes through our conection with our body and through the liberation of the sexuality
  • Deleting any belief of shame and guilt regarding our naked body, our sexuality and our animal-self