Alternative dance seminar

In this seminar we will use 4 different dancing forms in order to help us become better dancers but also in order to develop ourselves in any field of our life.

We will combine body movement with psychology, wisdom of chakras, tantra, the 4 elements (earth, fire, air, water) and other techniques in order to help us get closer to our Source and open our Heart to our inner Divine Self.

The disciplines I have chosen to guide us on this process are:

Flamenco, Ballet, Sacred dance and improvisation.



Flamenco (decision, power, sex and ecstasy)

  • Connect with the power, love and vitality of the Earth
  • Strengthen our determination
  • “Clean” and specify more our movements
  • Heal and expand our 1st chakra
  • Increase the ability of coordination in the body (which helps in concentration and intelligence)
  • Learn how to lead in life


 Ballet (concentration, flow, precense and gentleness)

  • Learn how to flow in life
  • Open our Heart chakra
  • Connect with the constant flow of water
  • Control and direct better our body
  • Strengthen our concentration
  • Enjoy breathing
  • Overpass obstacles
  • Expand and shine
  • Soften our movement
  • Work in a group


Sacred dance or Latinham(divinity, creation, transformation and ego)

  • Find the sacred movement of our body
  • Honour life
  • Feel the 4 elements inside of us
  • Get in touch with our inner God-Goddess by using our 6th chakra
  • Use dance as a way of creating our reality (Nataraj dance)
  • Connect with the archetypical figure of some Avatars
  • Heal our physical body
  • Honour the power of air


Improvisation (inner child, authenticity, self-esteem and relaxation)

  • Connect with our animal side
  • Loose shame and feel free
  • Reclame my space
  • Express myself without inhibitions
  • Raise my cundalini
  • Accept my wildness as well my softness
  • Honour the element of fire
  • Interact with others from the heart
  • Replace competition with the joy of life
  • Surrender to Spirit
  • Give life to our 3rd,5th and 7th chakra

Dance with life and let life dance with you!