Humanity has reached a crossroad where it is asked to choose a path. One path is the continuation of the system as we know it now. A system where we believe that God is outside of us and we are poor people depending on His Mercy, a system that is ruled by fear, competition and greediness, a system that love is only for the romantic people…
The other path is where we acknowledge that God is everywhere and we are Gods and Goddesses inside a human body constantly creating our Reality and vibrating in the vibration of Love!

In this article, I will talk about what can happen when we choose the second path.

If we are the creators of our Reality then one of the biggest tools for the creation is the Power of Intention!
When we used to be kids we were “creating” all the time by playing archetypes and situations that did not belong to the real world…but who says what the real world is???
Today quantum physics tells us that everything that happens to our external reality is just a reflection of our internal reality. And who knows? when we were children (with less influence of the structured-solid illusionary reality of the Matrix) we could really play with unicorns, fairies, the spider-man, snow-white,
and more. Besides EVERYTHING is real the moment that we believe that is.

So, if we are the Creators we can create anything we want!
Something that our humanity needs to create urgently right now is an Antivirus! Not necessarily an antivirus in order to protect us from Corona but something that will protect us from the fear and the entities of the Matrix.
In this article, I will share with you how to create one.

This antivirus will have the information that you need in order to keep you safe from the low vibration of the Matrix, keep you healthy, and will armor your electromagnetic field so that nothing can penetrate it!

Let’s start!

You will need:
One metal spoon
A glass
Water (better distilled)

Have a shower and clean yourself energetically (use your own methods)
Prepare your Altar (clean a table where you will place only the tools for your ceremony and draw a circle around it with incense. It is important that you stay inside the circle! The circle will act as a wall of protection). Stand barefooted in front of your altar by facing East.
Take the glass with your both hands and clean it energetically by blowing inside it three times.
Leave it on the table and add one spoon of water with your right hand if you are a man and left if you are a woman.
Invoke anyone you want (always high vibration beings) and start the creation of Antivirus by saying the words: «I (name and last name of your own NOT THE MARRIED ONE) ask permission from the field of Unconditional Love, that exists everywhere, to help me modify the molecules of this water.»

You then look at the water and imagine that from your third eye you bless the water by saying: «Be the nectar of Unconditional Love, be the purest form of energy that cleans all my fields and bodies and keeps me in the highest levels of Health. Keep me always in a higher vibration than the vibration of the Collective
Unconscious and always remind me that I am the Creator of my life, (say a word to bring closure to your ceremony) Amen or And So It Is or anything else you want»

Drink it with your left (if you are a woman) or right hand (if you are a man)
Thank everybody involved in this ceremony, turn left wise, open the energetic wall that you have created with your hands, and continue your day.
It is a very Sacred ceremony and is important that you do not tell anyone what you just did. Keep it secret inside of you for at least 3 days. This ceremony will raise your vibration and will suddenly start kicking out of your life people and situations with a lower vibration.
There are people that will try to sabotage you in order not to do it! Stay in your center and in your Heart!

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