We all grow up with specific do’s and don’ts, that form our personality and cover our real-authentic self.
Everything that our parents and society “write” on us, stays there forever, some times helping us in life and other times totally destroying our true path. We are like beautiful flowers hidden inside a very solid and rigid box that is the result of our upbringing. Unfortunately, we lose our contact with our unique and original flower and we follow blindly whatever the box says.
The energy of this August is suitable for the “melting” process of this box. It does not have to be a painful experience and it won’t be if you do not resist.
Some tips that can help you take advantage of the energy of August to let go whatever does not belong to you anymore are:

  • Sungaze! Look at the sun for about 3 to 5 sec during the first 30 min since sunrise or the last 30 min before sunset
  • Pray! Before you sleep pray to that part that resides inside of you and everywhere outside of you that is called God/Goddess, Energy, Spirit, Universe, etc.
  • Connect to nature! find at least 3 days and relax somewhere in nature. Promise yourself that you will leave your busy mind back home. Avoid your mobile or your computer and really be one with Mother Earth
  • Cook, sing, paint, dance and express yourself through any type of art that you feel connected to
  • Write letters to your mother, father, sister, brother, and people who contributed to your education with the subject: “Thank you for teaching me that….. but I decide to keep this… and throw that….” Burn those letters with gratitude and compassion
  • Ask yourself whether you are happy, living in the country you live, doing the work that you do, and generally following a specific way of life. Be HONEST and remember that each second that passes will never come back…life is too short to live it without being your real self!
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