Many men in this period are also trying to be more feminine! This tendency is quite a fashion, especially in the spiritual world.

Healthy feminine does not mean that you get lost in your passiveness, in your emotions and your doubts.
Being feminine for a man is being able to listen to the inner voice of the Goddess, that is your intuition, and find a way to schedule and make real Her desires.

The Spirit always connects with us, using the tool of intuition. If this tool is not working, then you cannot listen to your Spirit.

At the same time it is also very important for a man to be in touch with his emotions, but not to get lost in them!
If your inner man is absent, then you will get lost in life, you will be too emotional (maybe even more than your feminine partners that they might try to hold space for your emotional chaos), you will not be able to grow in your work, and you will always have that strange feeling that you do not belong anywhere.

My suggestions on that are:
1. Meditate at least twice per week (if you have never meditated before, start with only a couple of minutes, and then you increase it slowly)
2. When emotions come, feel them, express them without letting them overwhelm you (always keep your presence at your center!)
3. Be honest with yourself and, if it is possible, also with the others (If, for example, you are with a woman only because you enjoy having sex with her, it is ok, do not try to convince yourself that you love her to avoid the feeling of “guilt”)
4. Take your inner woman for shopping or for some body-pleasure (you can always dedicate some time and have a nice massage, or buy new clothes, or relax in front of a chimney, etc.)

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