The Divine Self is pure love, abundance, happiness, joy!
It would never treat you with the absence of love no matter how difficult can be the task that you are in…
Be kind to our self requires sweetness, tenderness, understanding and compassion. We can accomplish everything in life using demanding, punishment and rigidity or discipline, gratitude and softness! In the first way we act from our Ego-mind while in the second way we act from our Divine heart!
I will share with you here some exercises that can help you Be kind to yourself are:
Find a balance between action and relaxation! try to combine pleasure with discipline during all day, for example, if you have to work hard in the morning try to give yourself a foot massage in the night, if you have to study hard many hours per day end your day with a small dance dedicated to you, if you are trying to loose wait avoid strict diets that might lead you to rebel by eating everything after some days and choose diets that you can eat more quality foods  and more
It is important to distinguish discipline from demanding! try to do everything that you have scheduled for your day but do it in the sweetest and happiest possible way.
Do compliments to yourself and give rewards! we have a tendency to look more our negative parts and we forget our positive. Whenever you accomplish a goal or any task that you schedule reward yourself no matter how good or bad it has been.
Do not suffocate yourself with too many obligations or tasks and do not press anything that is not flowing, on the contrary try to find the reason why is not flowing! Especially those that we are in the journey of self exploration we some times are impatiente, cruel and we want any change to happen the way that we want it to be. Give yourself time without loosing your goal and remember that the most important thing is not the goal but “The journey of the butterfly”!

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