Being in a healthy relationship is like walking in two parallel paths. When these two paths start crossing, then one steps on the other and the problems start appearing!


We are searching in the other what we believe we cannot give to ourselves: love.

Unfortunately, the only thing we manage to do is to be sickly depended on the other, thus to call that feeling: love.
In this seminar we will try to fill up the emptiness inside of us with ourselves in order to be able to meet the other without seeking our other “half” but someone who can accompany us on our journey of life, in a parallel path!

Parallel paths means:
-Respect for the personal space and time of your beloved
-Nurturing your creativity and finding time for it
-Taking the responsibility of your triggers, actions, thoughts and emotions
-Co-creating without making unhealthy cords of possessiveness
-Committing and at the same time keeping your independence
-Surrendering to love and not loosing yourself in the relationship
-Taking the responsibility of your own happiness and not giving It to your partner
-Being there to support each other when needed
-Celebrate the unconditional love!

The “Be love” workshop is mainly focused on couples and individuals, who would like to learn how to share their life without losing themselves, without trying to fill up the emptiness inside of them, without being afraid to live in their Heart.

Without searching constantly for their “Missing Piece”!


Tools that are used in this workshop or retreat:

  • Tantra
  • Healing of the inner child
  • Conscious dance


It is not only for couples but also for individuals that are interested in being the “big o”!