REAL BEAUTY: Beauty, as well as health, depends on the vigor and health of our flow of Kundalini (sexual) energy.

What is Beauty?
There are two kinds of Beauty. The one that comes out from anything artificial which we apply on our body such as creams, botox, make-up, waxing, etc, and the one that blossoms from the inside outwards.
The first one is a type of Beauty that looks like decoration on a beautiful box that may be empty inside or, even worst, dirty and ugly.
The second one requires constant work of self-development as well as our commitment to a better quality of life.
In this article, I will focus mainly on the second type of beauty.

Beauty, health and love are connected. A healthy person can also be a beautiful person. A healthy person who loves his/herself can be an even more beautiful person!
One of the secrets that promote health, beauty and love, is the awakening of the Kundalini!
The Kundalini is the vital force inside our bodies that is connected to the energy of mother earth.
It is the «fuel» that our bodies use in order to be healthy and to manifest a good quality of life!

The awakening of the Kundalini can happen in a natural way without creating any serious contradictions or we can force it with different techniques, but this can cause imbalances and unpleasant effects in the body.

But how does the Kundalini work and why we could experience contradictions on its awakening?

Since the Patriarchal period started (approximately 7.000 years ago) the human body started changing.
The first chakra totally disconnected from mother earth, something that deactivated our kundalini and cause it to become dormant.
It has been dormant for thousands of years!
If we now try to activate it, without taking the right steps, our body will freak out because it will not understand what is happening!
Fortunately, and unfortunately, our body retains the memory of the distant past. The body remembers well how it is to live in a natural way with our Kundalini flowing before all the programming it received by religion and society. This programming is so strong that will try to reject any kind of awakening of the kundalini. This rejection can create different types of discomfort in our mental, emotional, energetic and physical bodies.

The best way to awaken the kundalini is:

  • Connect to the earth
    Spend time in nature, breathing fresh air, touching the trees, the soil, the animals…
  • Awaken the senses
    Meditate on the 5 senses. Eat and place or your attention in whatever you have in your mouth, touch consciously, smell, listen and see in the same way.
  • Work on your childhood traumas
  • Reconnect with your genitals and create a beautiful relationship with them
  • Practice more conscious and sacred sex
    Try not to use your sexuality in order to feed unhealthy patterns
  • Delete programs of the Matrix

The way that I can help you awaken your Kundalini is with my projects: The Secrets of the Menstrual Cycle, The New Man and my Cacao Ceremonies (Tantracao)

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