Let’s talk about beauty…
Few secrets for the beauty of men:
1. Drink herbs and eat food that makes you feel healthy (for example: Rosemary helps you maintain always your masculinity, avocado and some parsley help you boost up your vitality)
2. Sleep as early as possible and wake up with the power and the presence of the Sun
3. After the age of 20 is good to start using natural products that will maintain the surface of your skin elastic (I would recommend coconut oil)
4. Have sex but try not to ejaculate (There are techniques that could help you have orgasms without ejaculating. Having a sacred sex without ejaculation is a whole different way of life. If you are interested in this way of life try to find information in books and workshops)
5. Sungaze (it is a technique of looking at the sun. You can find more information on google using the word “sungazing”).
6. Swim! Swimming is one of the best exercises for men. Besides the physical benefits, boosts up the feeling of action without stress but with determination and calmness.
It also heals many traumas you experienced in your mother’s womb)
But most important element to maintain yourself handsome is to be sweet and tender with yourself but at the same time discipline and clear.
Being a man does not mean that you have to be strict or without feelings. Embrace your inner woman and let her fill up your path with happiness. Only then you can be disciplined without falling in the trap of self-demanding and perfectionism!

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