Secrets for women’s beauty:
Unfortunately women we believe that beauty depends on the outside and not on the inside.
1. Sleep as much as possible
2. Listen to music with instruments such as flute, saxophone and piano
3. Hug!

Being beautiful does not depend on the age, so:
4. Stop counting your years (just be immortal! the most important thing is how you feel not what the calendar says)
Women have a special connection with the Moon:
5. Always know the moon’s phase and try to tune in with it (a good meditation can be: breathe deep inside your Heart and feel that you take in all the femininity of the moon. Take 3 deep breaths, fill up your Heart and then expand this “moon femininity” throughout all your body without forgetting your Womb!)
6 Have sex not from the mind and not because you need to maintain a relationship, but from your connection with your Heart, Uterus, Vagina and Breasts. Woman’s body is a lot more sexual than man’s body. A natural woman (a woman that is connected with the nature) is a lot more sensual than a normal woman (the one that her whole being has being influenced by the ‘normas’ that in Latin means rules)
Most important thing for a woman to be beautiful is to stop loosing herself in any kind of relationship (as a mother, lover, wife, businesswoman, daughter, etc) and always act in the name of love and not not in the name of fear.
Serving others from love makes you a Holy woman, serving others from dependency makes you a slave!
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