Belly Dancing

“The sweet power of our sexuality irradiates it’s essence in a beautiful mixture of Water and Air, coming out of our belly and spreading it’s flavor in all the body filling us up with the bliss of life.
Soft – strong, fluid and harsh is the energy that expands in the body with every movement of belly dancing.”
We will connect with our sexuality, creativity, power of seduction, death – life and emotionality.
No matter if you are a man or a woman, belly dancing brings your consciousness to the sensitive part of your Being and helps you treat yourself with softness, sensuality, love and light.
It is an ancient sacred dance that when used properly can create a deep transformation and reconnection with the Divine. It can work as a wonderful angel that holds you in your process of letting your old self go and creating space for you Real – Authentic Self to come.
It sometimes feels like you carry a pot of water on top of a fire inside your belly.
With the combination of breath and movement the water starts boiling slowly till it totally evaporates itself in  the
wholeness of Love!

Categories: conscious dancing