Just me

Following the magic of a beautiful female compositor Afra Malmstorm Rubino and the precious voice of Ana Piñal, blending colors, feelings and moods!

Por Alegrias

Feeling the vibe of the creativity blossoming out of the blend of different cultures! 5 artists from different countries, 5 female friends that just want to have fun!


A touch of exotisism blent with the strong element of flamenco. Guajira: A dance with a strong influence of Cuba, quite feminine and sensual. In this version you can find a combination of a “cabaret” outfit combined with the elegant sensation of a spanish fan!  

Tientos en Sevilla

Deep, earthy and sexy! Tientos – Tangos is a dance of the first and second chakra. It connects you with deep emotions of sadness, bitterness and even anger. At the same time the touch of tango in the end gives to the whole dance a sparkle of joy, aliveness and Read more…