In the winter solstice, we have the largest night and the shortest day. That means that our whole being is more towards inside in a deep introspective mode, and a lot less outside. It is a perfect moment to achieve significant changes inside!

This ritual will help you in your inner transformation:
This year the winter solstice will take place on the 21st of December. The night before, light a white candle and sleep. You will need a candle that has at least a three-hour burning life.

In the morning of the Solstice, wear white and dance for around 20 min. If you are more people in the house doing the ritual, you can dance and celebrate all together. After dancing, light another candle (one for each of you) with the intention of Gratitude towards life!

Then look at this candle for around seven minutes and breathe in the light that comes from the flame. Visualize that the fire that is penetrating you burns everything ready to go.

Blow the candle and celebrate!



Begin your day singing two songs! One for your Old Self that is about to go, and one for your New Self is about to come!

Cook a meal! Even though you might be going outside or eating with others, make at least a small meal for you. This meal represents the food you will give to your New Self. Feel the food and be creative. Some ideas for ingredients are Cinnamon (represents sweetness and abundance), Cardamom (strength), Rice (abundance and fertility), Pumpkin (healthy sexuality), and more.

In the afternoon, wear something red and dance! The red represents your New Blood! Your New Born Child that you just gave birth and is you!