Credibility rises from the clean and innocent soul. Imagine that your soul is a drop of water. How much clean is that water?
How much dust or nubility does this water have?
If your soul water is crystal clean then there is nothing inside of you that is able to open the door to any influence of the outside world!
A couple of exercises that can help you first realize the condition of your soul and then purify it are:
1. Sit comfortably with a candle on, sing the mantra Om Mani  Padme Hum for at least 108 times. Then stay still and let the answer come out, it will come out only if you are ready to listen and see the truth and not whatever else you wish to see and listen.
2. After this meditation do a small regression in your life. See yourself in all stages and try to observe  how many times have you being unfaithful to your self. How many times have you put yourself in a less level then your worth to be, how many times have you spread your power without any meaning but with a lot of lack of respect towards your higher self.

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