Relationships between men and women can last years and years without meaning, without substance, without even having any fun!

We are searching in the other what we believe we cannot give to ourselves: love.

Unfortunately, the only thing we manage to do is to be sickly depended on the other, thus to call that feeling: love.
In this seminar we will try to fill up the emptiness inside of us with ourselves in order to be able to meet the other without seeking our other “half” but someone who can accompany us on our journey of life!

The Love-me course is mainly focused on couples and individuals, who would like to learn how to share their life without losing themselves, without trying to fill up the emptiness inside of them, without being afraid to live in their Heart.

Without searching constantly for their “Missing Piece”!


Some of the targets of the seminar are:

-Reconnect to our primal sexual essence and let it flow inside our body

-Learn how to communicate better with others, especially with our partners

-Realize what we we really want and how to achieve it

and more


My main tools are Tantra, Dance and Healing our inner child:




Tantra is an introspective and self-knowing path that consists of a wide range of spiritual practices and meditations, that help us connect with our vital life force energy and our inner love!

This path is a journey into life itself, reconnecting us with our true nature, that we have to re-discover, under the results of the normal conditioning of society and religion.  A conditioning that made whole humanity to pass from the state of pleasure to the state of guilt, shame and fear.

In tantra we reconnect with our inner  God – Shiva and we let our inner Goddess – Shakti blossom again in our Hearts.

Unfortunately in the years of Patriarchy influence people lost completely their  sacredeness and their value; they descended from their throne and handed entirely all their strength to one and unique God, very far and outside of them.

Tantra helps us reconnect to the essence of God – Goddess and feel how they merge in the Sacred Temple of our Body!


Conscious Dancing

Through specific and conscious movements we can achieve deep and real changes in our inner world.

An internal journey through dancing can help us increase our self esteem and self worth. It can also liberate our sexuality and strengthen our communication with our Higher Self. 

I use mainly the wisdom of flamenco (barefoot), argentine tango and improvisation.

A beautiful and joyfull way to back home and celebrate life in a human’s body!


Inner child

The part of us that resides deep in our subconscious and has stored all the memories of our childhood. It is us being children from the moment we were in our mother’s womb till puberty.

Unfortunately we raise up in a way that goes totally against acceptance and unconditional love, even though most of the times our parents do almost everything from a space that they call it love but Love has such a general and misunderstanding meaning…

“Mum-Dad, you keep asking me every time to do more things, to act better…always something more…I do it, I try it… but you are never satisfied…. I am trying so hard to be who you want me to be…
What else do you want?

Well, you know something mum…today I understood that finally the most important thing for me is who I really am and not who you want me to be! Accept and embrace your disappointment that I am not who you want me to be and come to me with joy to know me better!

  I’m the ‘essence of love’ and the blossom of this ‘essence’ has already started to bloom inside of me! I ‘welcome’ those who are ready to accept this beautiful blossom of my Heart!”