Relationships between men and women can last years and years without meaning, without substance, without even having any fun!

We are searching in the other what we believe we cannot give to ourselves: love.

Unfortunately, the only thing we manage to do is to be sickly depended on the other, thus to call that feeling: love.

We are both so different and at the same time so identical. Women hide a man inside of them and men hide a woman inside of them. If you are not aware of that inner partner you will always try to find him or her outside of you! This create a tendency on building relationships our of attachement and not love.

When you finally find this man or woman inside of you, then a beautiful feeling of wholeness rises in your being, nothing scares you and you are never alone. Only then, you can fully open your heart and surrender to a partner outside. Only then you do not need anyone to fulfill your dreams and make you happy. Only then you are ready to love!