Dear lover,
Ask me to dance, even if you don’t know how to…
Show me your emotions, even though you are afraid of my rejection…
Love me, even if the armour of your Heart prevents you…
You do not have to be  “perfect” in order to enter my Heart..
Just ask for it…and my Heart will dedicate you a dance..
“The dance of love”

amor inconditional

Relationships between men and women can last years and years without meaning, without substance, without even having any fun!

We are searching in the other what we believe we cannot give to ourselves: love.

Unfortunately, the only thing we manage to do is to be sickly depended on the other thus to call that feeling: love.

In this seminar we will try to fill up the emptiness inside of us with ourselves in order to be able to meet the other without seeking our other “half” but someone who can accompany us on our journey of life!

The Dance of love is mainly focused on couples and individuals who would like to learn how to share their life without losing themselves, without trying to fill the emptiness inside of them, without fulfilling the demands of society.

In this 5-day retreat we will combine several techniques such as:

  • Dance
  • Breathwork
  • Tantra
  • Healing the Inner Child



After several years of continuous and dedicated work of introspection, in order to meet every aspect of myself, I developed a therapeutic method which aims to accelerate the development of consciousness, throughout the enlightenment of the sub consciousness, where all childhood wounds, programs and thought forms exist.

Depending on the case, I use the most suitable path in order to help you heal yourself and bring more consciousness to your shadow.

My goal is to help you more and more each time to find the courage in discovering yourself by overcoming the fear of the Unknown!

“Mum-Dad, you keep asking me every time to do more things, to act better, always something more…

I do it, I try it… but you are never satisfied…

But, why don’t you love me since I am what you told me to be?

What else do you want?

Well, you know something mum? Today I understand that finally the most important thing is what I want, what I am and I’m very happy with that!

Accept and embrace your disappointment and come to me with joy to know me better, because I’m the ‘essence’, and the blossom of this ‘essence’ has been already bloomed.

I ‘welcome’ those who want to know the blossom of my heart.”


When engaging in relationships of any kind, we necessarily bring in our unresolved childhood traumas, big or small, our suppressed emotions, accumulated stress from work or previous relationships and – last but not least – social conditionings and expectations that make it difficult, if not impossible, to relate to your partner in a pure form from the heart. All these distortions bring shadows to your inner light of love. They appear as muscular tension in specific areas where they prevent the free flow of energy and make the body-mind weak or even sick.

The good news is: they can be released easily and profoundly. BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release® uses deep connected breathing and conscious body movements to support the release of chronic tension held in the nervous system. Physically, mentally and emotionally, this often means a huge transformation, a rebirth into a new life and the ability to be more connected to your “real self”.


DANCE (Agapi)

Flamenco (mostly for men)

“Flamenco is a movement that arises from the heart and takes over the entire body, altering it’s speed and direction. When dancing, you sense the rhythm filling up every pore of your skin. You feel how your energy wakes up hidden powers of the body by stimulating the creativity, movement and inner peace.”

We will work our connection with the earth, our clean direction, our ability to move our feet in a different speed and dynamic than our arms, our passion and fire, our musicality

Belly Dancing  (only for women)

“The power of the uterus expands throughout your whole body and connects you with your hidden femininity! Soft, strong, fluid and exciting is the energy that expands in the body with every movement while dancing Belly Dance.”

We will connect with our femininity, sexuality, beauty,  creativity, seduction, connection with our womb


“When you dance tango you can feel how two bodies become one and flow in the sound of the music, of the breath, of the rhythm, of the heart…”

We will feel the polarity of yin and yang, men will learn how to lead a woman and at the same time how to also lead their life, women will learn how to surrender to the wisdom of Shiva and flow into life by surrendering to their Higher Self’s desires



The wonderful teaching of Tantra is that man and woman can move together on their spiritual path of life & growth. They can support each other, if they learn to open a sacred space of awareness, love and relaxation between them. In that space they can meet as the God and Goddess that they truly are.

The difficulty is that the meeting between man and woman on this planet has become so disturbed and poisoned, that it is not so easy to keep all the poison outside the sacred meeting. For this a maturity of meditation & awareness is required. That will be the practice in our seminar.

The healing process involves

– seeing and experiencing sexual energy as the natural creative life force energy, and to free the mind from guilt fear, shame and lust, and from all the fantasies around sex.

– connecting sex with the heart, a connection that got almost lost nowadays.

– becoming centred in our heart, which is the centre of our soul.

– experiencing that the sacred meeting in love and consciousness with the partner, is in fact not happening with the other in the outside world, but rather inside of us. Definitely, the partner is of great help for us to see all the impurities in our love. Once the union happens inside of us, we start to feel an orgasmic relationship with existence itself, with life itself.

Most people jump from one relation to another, looking forward to find their “other half” while they cannot realise the fact that their “other half” resides only inside of themselves.

They conform and initiate a relationship without selecting the correct partner because of their terrible lack of self-esteem, self-worth, self-appreciation, self-love.

When we finally find the wholeness inside of us by totally accepting ourselves, that’s the pint when we are ready to make a relationship based on true unconditional love.

It’s not a seminar that we can magically make you love yourself; it’s a seminar that supports you in learning to create your own path, using appropriate tools in order to reach the Bliss of Unconditional Love as fast as possible and enjoy relationships with no neediness but with pure love!

Feel, breath, live in love