Many painful and intimidating experiences can create physical, emotional and energetical armours in our body, mind and soul.

Most of the traumas we had as a child are stored in our body as physical or energetical knots called ¨armours¨ that restrict the free flowing of our life force, health, vitality and sexuality.

De-armouring can help you release those knots and let your vitality spread again in your whole body.

Body de-armouring can be done externally or internally (vagina, anus and throat).


  • The body starts feeling more freedom and health
  • Increases the metabolism and vital health
  • When a de-armoured woman gives birth she might experience less pain and may also be able to have a womb orgasm
  • Makes love-making more pleasurable and more connected with the Heart
  • Deepens the connection with our Higher Self
  • Increases sexual energy that flows freely in the body
  • Helps the mind to understand and feel more the body
  • Liberates the expression of our Inner Child
  • Boosts up the function of our immune system and the energy of our whole Being

A body full of contraction, pain and fear is not the most suitable place to feel the expansion of your Divine Self!

If you are in a self development journey, liberating the body from those armours is almost the half of the work!