In order to meet love and especially to surrender in It we definitely need to let our Ego-self to die. The Ego is not something “bad”, is just the vehicle that our Higher Self uses in order to spread love, creativity, joy and many more into this world.
When the Ego-self thinks that is something more than our Higher Self then instead of living in the Heart we start living in our Head and instead of living in the state of love we live in the state of fear.
A couple of exercises that could help the part of your Ego, that thinks is something more than your Inner God, die are:

  • Take the picture of 3 people that you really do not like, hate, dislike, you are angry with, etc. In the beginning take out any emotion that you have towards them (not on them!) after that, try to look at them as they are part of yourself and realize what they are mirroring inside of you!
  • Observe your thoughts
    Observe especially the thought of action and needs: I want to buy that,  I want him/her, I want that particular job, I want my child to, I want my husband to change and more. Then ask yourself “who wants all these and why”?
  • Live in the Heart not Mind!