What a charming Month! This December is like a wise old man! Something between the archetypes of Santa Claus, Saturn and Merlin.

The energy of this month has clear masculine energy. This is a type of energy that guides us towards the Truth. But what is the Truth?
There is always a Truth that resides deep inside of us, and it is totally personal! This Truth makes us unique and original!

My Truth maybe is not the same as your Truth, or perhaps it is…

If December 2020 could speak would say: “Close your eyes and look inside, find the Truth for you and do not care whether the others agree with this Truth or not!”

Usually this Truth resides deep inside your heart, in a place where in order to find it you need to look inside of you. If your Truth do not coincide with the Truth of others do not hide it or suppress it. Stand out tall and just show with respect and pride who you are and what your Truth is!

Categories: Spirit and human